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Travel writing can be an exciting career that will take you all over the world and give you the chance to hone your craft. If you are interested in becoming a travel writer, there is a lot that goes into the job, from extensive travel to pitching to hours spent generating new ideas.


Once you have set your sights on becoming a travel writer, you must consider several things to set yourself up for success.


Generate Ideas Constantly


One of the biggest parts of becoming a travel writer and realizing success is the ability to generate ideas constantly. There have been travel writers for generations, traveling and writing about every corner of the world. What sets each travel writer apart from the other is their unique experiences and their ability to introduce readers to those new experiences. This requires you to become adept at generating new ideas for travel to familiar places.


Start Local


Starting out as a travel writer poses the problem of being able to fund all the travel yourself, meaning not on assignment or as part of a press trip. No matter where you live in the world, there is the potential to create and craft pieces based on local travel. If you live in a popular destination, begin by writing pieces that feature the area with a local’s perspective.


Become a Pitch Expert


In addition to generating ideas, learning to craft a pitch is the next most important skill in becoming a travel writer. Keep your pitches succinct and to the point. Pitch frequently and widely, but only after you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with a publication and identify what types of pieces they are looking for.


Build a Portfolio of Work


As you begin to pitch ideas for articles to editors, build a portfolio of work to use as examples of what you are able to create. Many travel writers even create blogs where they can regularly publish all types of travel pieces to demonstrate their writing skills and show that they can regularly generate ideas and maintain a publishing schedule. As your portfolio grows, use it to promote yourself and pitch your way into bigger and better publication opportunities.