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As a freelance writer, it can get monotonous to always work from home. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, there are countless of other locations to choose from when it comes to choosing a good place to work. 

For starters, try going outside on your own property. Maneuver your router so you still have internet access, ensure you have charging capabilities, and then find a comfortable place to stay awhile, such as your front porch or backyard. It can be a nice, refreshing change of pace to get away from distractions such as a tv set. If you have a pet, they can also keep you company.

There is a reason that coffee shops are the number one choice for aspiring writers or independent workers, no matter which city you visit. There is a varied selection of caffeinated beverages available, as well as snacks and clean restrooms. The only thing to keep in mind is that it can be easy to overstay one’s welcome. If you choose to maintain a lengthy spot, it is customary to make sure you purchase items every few hours and to tip well. If you’re a fan of cats and really lucky, you could even do your work in a cat cafe.

Libraries are a great option for several reasons. Most offer free WiFi, there are resources available to you in the form of librarians and research materials, and it can be very inspiring to surround yourself with literature as you work. It is also a place of limited distractions, not counting the people watching. The other downside is if your work requires you to take any phone calls. Then you would need to book a soundproof room or step outside.

Speaking of the outdoors, there are lots of options there as well. Some larger cities have started to offer free municipal WiFi, which means your only problems would be finding a comfortable place to work and making sure you have charging capabilities. Many people find it easier to be creative when surrounded by activity, be it animals or humans. A public park can be a beautiful and inspiring backdrop, as well as a zoo

Sometimes it helps to have other friends who are also free agents. It can be fun to take turns working at each others’ houses. Try alternating between hosting and bringing refreshments. On your joint breaks, it’s a nice chance to be social instead of being home alone with the television.