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There is not a definitive method for writers to earn money while writing. The topic itself is expansive and continually changes with the supply and demand of writers. However, there is a generalization of how writers are paid. Unlike some other professions, there are no guarantees writers will make the same if any income during the month. Still, there are various methods and outlets to make money. Listed below are techniques on how writers get paid. 


Contracts are single-handedly the most common form of payment for writers. A contract binds an agreement between what a writer produces and the content the publisher desires. Furthermore, arrangements are a foolproof way to confirm you will get paid for your services. Examining the specifics of the deal are ideal to avoid any further legal implications or misunderstanding. What should you look for in a contract? 

Details of the work: The details explain what action must be completed on your end for payment. 

Payment amount: There are two methods for receiving payment for work completed: a one-time fee or a recurring payment until the contract ends. You’ll want to verify how you will receive your cash as the details are imperative if you must terminate the agreement. 

Reprint fees

Reprint fees are small monetary payments made when a company or individual copies your work and reprints it elsewhere. There is no standard for a reprint fee, so calculate what you expect to receive in returns to use reprint fees to your advantage.

Termination fees: 

This option is less common, but it does occur within the writing industry. Termination fees are fees paid by a business not to utilize a writer’s product. The reasons for termination fees can vary, but typically, it is due to a lack of satisfaction on the business’ end. As with the reprint fees, the percentages of payment can vary greatly. 

Other forms of payment: 

There are also non-monetary forms of payment writers and companies/individuals included in an agreement. To elaborate, if a writer agrees to write for a news publication company, a subscription to that company’s news might be included as part of the payment further.