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Have you dreamed of someday becoming a published author?


Many people share this dream. Despite how easy this has become, only a small percentage of the people who dream of doing this accomplish it. Publishing a book is hard work which requires the vulnerability of sharing your work with the world. It comes with the satisfaction of having accomplished something few do.


Before you ever look at how to become published, you should look at why you want to publish. Some people have a deep need in their soul to accomplish this, without rhyme or reason to it. That’s a legitimate reason. Others want to publish for fun. Others want to become authors to further other parts of their career. If you want to become a public speaker, then publishing a book is a great way to accomplish that. When you become an author, you establish yourself in your field. There is a lot of career benefit in doing so. 


Once you know why you want to publish, it will help you decide on how. Deciding how to publish a book can be overwhelming. It used to be that you only had the option of seeking a publisher and traditionally publishing your novel, but now authors have options. While this can be confusing in the beginning, it’s actually a good thing. It means you can build the kind of career that works for you and your goals. 


In fact, many authors who publish multiple books over their careers do not choose between traditional publishing and self-publishing–they pursue both options. These authors are called hybrid authors. They publish some books themselves and others with traditional publishers. This helps them reap the benefits of both paths. They have the independence of deciding what to do with some of their books, and with others, they have the benefit of a publishing house taking care of the details for them. 


No matter how you publish, having done it comes with a myriad of benefits.


  • You connect with your readers. You are influencing an audience of people.  
  • Publishing a book leaves a legacy behind you. Your great-great grandchildren can read your published book, as well as complete and total strangers who live 200 years from now.   
  • You earn passive income the royalties on your novel. Whether your book is a wild financial success or earns you a cup of coffee every once in a while, it is still a reward.   

Is publishing a book the right decision for you? Only you can decide that, but if the benefits above call to you, it’s likely something that will add a lot of value to your life. Publishing your work takes a leap of faith, a healthy dose of bravery, and a lot of hard work. Once you do it, though, you’ll be an author forever.