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Richard Foster



Author of Mark Spitz: The Incredible Life of an Olympic Champion, Richard Foster is a successful attorney who works largely with professional athletes. His career, which is one that is as multi-faceted as it is successful, has seen him serve as a Staff Member of Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review – an experience he credits as foundational in the development of his precision in writing. A graduate of the University of Southern California with an emphasis in intergovernmental relations and of Loyola Law School with his Juris Doctor.

Upon graduation, Richard immediately moved into a series of roles at a number of reputable law firms where he cut his teeth as a standout attorney. From there, his endeavors led him to sort of fall into the world of sports law by way of his successful handling of a lawsuit involving Tom Sneva – the 1983 Indy 500 Champion. Shortly after that, word of Richard’s intrinsic talent to and protect the image and well-being of professional athletes spread across the country, leading him to his current position as an author and the owner of his own firm – the Law Office of Richard J. Foster, located in Seal Beach, California.

By far, one of Richard’s favorite parts about writing is the opportunity it gives him to think critically. A lover of the power of communication, Richard Foster enjoys disseminating important and interesting information to people who may not otherwise come into contact with the content. This desire to spread truth in an analytical and successful manner stems from the same passion that’s produced his success in the world of law. “I’m from the Midwest”, says Richard, “It’s a bit of a different spirit out there than in California. I like to help people – and I’m happy I can draw on my passions to do so.” For Richard Foster, the goal has always been to construct a life where he can draw on the things he loves in his day to day. This is something he’s managed to do quite well, as his love for athletics and his college career as the Captain of his water polo team has managed to integrate its way into his professional career as an attorney and an author.

In addition, Richard Foster is an instructor of Sports Law and Ethics at California State University at Long Beach in the Graduate Program in Sports Management. He has also served as a Chairman of the local organizing committee for the 2004 Olympic Swim Trials and was a vital component in the successful push for women’s water polo to be included as an Olympic sport.

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