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Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March, the world has been swept in a series of changes. With many businesses shut down, emptied public spaces, and official orders to stay home, many Americans have found themselves with more free time than ever before. Isolation or quarantine can be an opportunity for you to prioritize your mental and physical health, but it’s also an opportunity to be productive. I’ve written previously about making time to write if you’re trying to be more productive in your writing, but today’s blog will focus on ways that you can make the most with your writing during this unprecedented time. 

Find inspiration in what you see

Sometimes when we look for inspiration, we fail to see what is right in front of us. In the words of writer Bruce Taylor, “If you are having trouble getting started, look out the window. The whole world is a story, and every moment is a miracle.” Take a look at even the mundane things and use your senses to start your story. How to things sound? How do they look? What do they taste or smell like? Are there birds perched on the telephone lines outside? Try giving one a name and visualize a story to go along with it. It may take something concrete to jump start your imagination. 

Keep a journal

Journaling during your time in quarantine can lead to a great story in the future. You need not worry about making your thoughts book worthy initially, but remember that you are living in a dynamic moment of modern history. Furthermore, the journal can become a habit where you keep your thoughts collected. Later down the road, you can go back into your journal and find inspiration for a new piece, be it a book, poem, short story, or flash fiction. 

Finish old projects

Do you have a book started that’s only half-finished? Now is as good a time as ever to finish it. Perhaps you’ve always felt rushed as a writer as you cram more tasks into your to-do list. You have so many more ideas in your head that you want to get out, but the most effective way to do that is to finish your projects. How many times have you started a new project and left it unfinished? Go ahead, complete that book or poetry collection. Think of this time as a gift and take advantage of it.