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In this techno-pumped social media age, you can’t simply be a writer and write. No, you must write and keep a blog, even if it just for your own notes about things that interest you. Yet, where do you start with a blog?

There are some blogging platforms that can help. Many of them offer free tools or the ability to post for free, a boon if you’re broke but still writing. Consider some of the following ones to help you get started. Then choose the platform that allows you to accomplish exactly what you hope to accomplish.


WordPress is a big one for any writer that wants a website and a blog. It’s free to create an account, and comes with adequate storage. However, there is a cost for security and maintenance, and fine print restrictions. Read through it carefully before you sign up so that there are no surprises later.


Blogger is another obvious choice for writers because, well, “blogger”. It is a lot like Wordress in that you can create a custom site for your blogs for free. Google account-based, Blogger utilizes ad space on your blog to help you generate money. In many cases, you just write your posts and the ads on your pages is what generates income, even while you sleep!


Medium is also a free blog setup site. The one marked difference here is that you never have to constantly sign into your own blog with a password. A link sent to you after you set up the blog is your “key” to your blog every time you want to visit. If you’re the type of person that constantly forgets and then has to reset passwords, Medium does away with that so that you can stick to writing and avoid the twenty minutes it takes to reset passwords.


Nothing about Squarespace is free, but you get webhosting and amazing graphics in the deal. When you are all about the visuals as well as the writing, give this a try. Just be aware that you will be locked into a contract for monthly or annual payments, depending on the plan you choose.