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Whether you need to write an article or write an essay for your class, you may face writer’s block. You don’t know what to write about, but you know that you need to get something onto your paper. If you’re struggling to figure out what you want to write about, try to apply these three tips to help you.

Go for a Walk

If you find yourself with writer’s block, you should go on a walk. This may seem like a strange idea, but sitting around won’t help you to think of any ideas. Try to change your environment and get ideas elsewhere.

If possible, spend some time walking outside to that you can see different things. From here, you can look at your surroundings and see if anything gives you inspiration for your writing.

Writing Prompts

Even though some people may think this is silly, you could try to do some writing prompts. Ask someone to give you one or look one up online so that you can write about something that will interest you.

This way, you can easily place different ideas onto your paper and prepare your mind to do some writing. As you put yourself into the right mindset and practice writing, you may think of some new ideas.

Brainstorm Ideas

If you have multiple ideas, try to put them in a place you can see them. Write down any other ideas that may come to your mind so that you can see them all in one place. From here, look them over and consider their pros and cons.

You can then look at these ideas and try to rank them. Start with identifying the worst ones and crossing them out. You can then eventually find the best idea and write about it.


If you find yourself struggling to think of what to write, then you should try to relax for a bit and spend some time away from it. Doing so will help you to refocus your thoughts and spend some time thinking up ideas for your writing. As you think things out, you can come up with something to write and impress others with it.