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Writing can be a difficult task. Maybe you are stuck on what topic to write about, you are having trouble putting words on the page, or maybe your just don’t know how to arrange the piece. There are some rules that allow writers to create interesting content. If you want to enhance your content, you may need to take some extra steps to improve your techniques.


Barrier to Entry

When a reader opens up an article and there is a lengthy opening paragraph, it can deter them from wanting to continue reading the article. A few sentences that give a sneak peak into what the article will be about will be more likely to draw your readers in. You want to make sure you are cutting down that large paragraph and knocking down that barrier to entry.


Shorter Paragraphs

Even once you get past the first paragraph and the barrier to entry, you should still keep your paragraphs to the shorter side. A balance of words with empty space makes it easier for the reader to follow along. You want to break up your text to keep the readers moving on from paragraph to paragraph. It doesn’t mean cut out any important details to make your content shorter it just means to have stronger and more precise points.



The internet today has a lot of fluff on it. Readers want to find articles with something useful in them. There’s a difference between writing “top five tips” with just the titles of the tips but the more useful articles have substance and information to back up the titles. Write to convey a meaning or an understanding of something. Push past the surface level content and produce deep and meaningful content that your viewers can use.



Just like anything else you are trying to improve on, you need to practice to get better. Practicing will help you develop the correct form and structure of good content. Continuous practice will make producing good content second nature.


If you want to improve your content in the articles you write you need to take the time to improve your skills. You have something to say and you want people to read it. Structure your writing successfully, have the proper substance, and continuously practice your skills.