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Technology for Word-Smiths

Any good trade has its share of equipment, and writing is no exception. Technology today has made it especially easy and rewarding for writers to pursue their craft. Here are some of the newest and most exciting technological gadgets authors can get their hands on these days.

Ushering in the new age of technology comes Grammarly, a subscription-based application that will help your grammar and the like. For professional writers, students, or even the individual who wants to up their style and writing game, Grammarly will assist you every step along the way.

Bluetooth devices and portability of technology has made it possible for taking a keyboard with you wherever you go. The new Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard makes a light and affordable keyboard to take with you wherever you go. Especially for the authors who like to write on the go, this keyboard will fit right in your pocket and be the portable option that you need to document all of your adventures.

Some writers are incredibly drawn to the hand-drawn notation of classical prose. They enjoy the art of writing itself! For those who want a more traditional approach to the activity, we have a 21st century adaption: the Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook. It’s a 42 page notebook that has different page styles, erasable pages, and an app that allows you to transfer all your hand-written notes to a permanent digital storage solution. This may be the last notebook you ever need to buy.

For the old-fashioned typists out there, the mechanical keyboard has made it’s way back into the mainstream view. Sporting a “clack” when you type on it, the mechanical keyboard were popular back in the early days of computing. However, technology eventually rendered them less than sporty, and they were put on the back shelf. These days however, the mechanical switches are back in demand due to their dependability, accented click (or lack thereof), and overall long life span. There are lots of popular brands that make the mechanical keyboards these days, including Das Keyboard, Razer, and even Ducky.

In the 21st century, word-smiths have modern and new gadgets to help aid them in their process of writing. Armed with the aforementioned devices, authors will have even more capability at their fingertips than ever before.