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Writer’s block is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life. Whether it’s writing a novel, an assignment, or even an email you can be at a loss for words. Sometimes it is as simple as it is not the right time to be writing and your ideas need to develop in your brain longer. Maybe it’s the fear that your ideas may not be accepted and the fear of criticism stops you from sharing them. No matter what your reason, there are some solutions writers take to get out of their funk.


Walk Away

It’s strange to think that overcoming writer’s block can sometimes require you to stop writing and walk away from the computer or notepad. Going for a walk can clear your mind and put you in a more positive mindset to start writing again. Exploring the area around you could as inspire new ideas you would not have thought of being locked up in the house.


Change of Scenery

Sometimes it is as simple as changing where you are writing. If you can’t seem to concentrate at your current location, move to a different area. It could be a different room in your house, a private space in the office, or in a corner booth of a coffee shop. Find a location where you feel most comfortable to write.


Eliminate Distractions

Going to a coffee shop may not be the best option if you become distracted easily. Distractions can come in a lot of different forms. You may need to close out of your web browser, so you don’t have your email or social media in the background while you are writing. There are even apps that can contribute to eliminating distractions and help with creating a setting that is perfect for writing.


Free writing

Write nonstop for a certain amount of time. Sometimes ten minutes can do the trick, but other times it can take longer. Free writing is a great technique just to write down everything that comes into your mind. You won’t necessarily use everything you write down, but it is just a way to get you writing. Use free writing as a “warm-up” to what you really want to focus on.  


There are many different ways to overcome writer’s block, you just need to find a way that works best for you. Sitting and staring at the paper waiting for something to come to is going to end in a blank page. The key is to do something. Don’t procrastinate or make excuses. If you want to share your ideas, you are going to have to put effort into putting them on a piece of paper.