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What happens when a writer is having an off day? What steps can they take to get ideas and get back into the writing game? Any writer can kick it back into gear with some research and the ability to tap into personal and shared experiences. If you are having trouble coming up with your next article idea, here are some tips that can inspire you!

Write A Review

No matter what a writer interest is, he or she can write up an account of their personal experience with that book, movie, etc. National chains and local hotspots make lively discussion online and on paper. There are plenty of review sites that give you the ability to express your experience and get those writing juices flowing once again. 

Write About A Common Experience

It may be sitting in finding your passion or a tragic accident. There are people out there that can relate to most experience and share empathy when you write about your own experiences. If you are having trouble thinking of topics to write about, dig into your own life and pull from your own experiences.

Start A Conversation

If reading the news or social media starts a writer muttering to themselves, this is a sure sign that they have something to say about it. It may be an opinion piece. It may be a well-rounded historical background on a story the writer has followed over time. It may be a carefully framed response to the latest media trend. The writer can start a conversation that will add to the ongoing discourse. What hot topics are out there today?

Make It Local

Choose a local event, person, or business and write about it. Writers who know their neighborhoods can create intimate stories that drive online and real-life traffic. Much like reviews, it will be more relatable for people in your area going to the same places as you are.

Make It National

National events draw the attention of millions. What side stories are related to an event? What other people were involved? What led up to the event? What are some possible ramifications? How might this affect the reader? Choosing a nationwide issue could create a lot of traffic with people wanting to keep up with current events. Always make sure you are using correct and well-sourced information. You don’t want to lose your reputation as a writer due to incorrect information.


Research can come from any source. From Twitter to television news, ideas are always out there. Which ones intrigue the writer? Tapping into those strong views will light up readers too. Don’t think that you have to stick to one platform or topic. Explore your writing abilities in a variety of different sectors and see where you excel!