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The idea of becoming a novelist is a very compelling one. Many people have decided to try their hand at writing a novel themselves at some point or another, but only a few of them succeed in finishing and publishing their own work. What people don’t understand is that writing a book, no matter the genre, takes a lot of work and commitment to succeed at doing. You need time, patience, motivation, and determination to get from start to finish. It’s a difficult journey, but it is achievable. If you want to become a novelist yourself, here are a few tips to get you started on the road to success.


Be original


Some people say that every story in the world has already been told, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist onto it. You might have a plot idea about vampires, but those who wrote about vampires before you would’ve had completely different thoughts about the subject matter. Your thoughts and feelings concerning the subject matter are uniquely yours, and that makes it original. When you write, though, you need to show your readers that originality—be yourself, not the author who inspired you to write in the first place. It’s one thing to aim to be the next Stephen King, and another to be purely yourself.




Read, read, read. Whether you’re reading fiction, non-fiction, a magazine article, or something else entirely, it’s crucial to read if you’re going to be a successful writer. Reading as a writer brings out an entirely new perspective to blanket the content you’re consuming because you’re now reading with an analytical mind rather than one looking for pleasure. You can learn so much about the craft simply by reading rather than writing constantly; it teaches you the conventions that lie underneath the surface of the words on the page. What’s common in your chosen genre? What should you avoid? What are the general rules of the genre? Reading will teach you that better than any class or online listicle.


Find a reason to write


Money can be a reason, sure, but it’s never the only reason. Money comes after you’ve published your book, and since that’s a far-off goal until you’ve finished your piece, it’s easy to lose motivation while in the process of writing. The money will benefit you in the future—when you’re writing, find something that will benefit you now. Do you like the challenge of writing a novel? Do you enjoy writing? Do you have an entirely different world you want to introduce to people? Do you have a message you want to tell your readers? All of these are reasons to continue writing that will benefit you now instead of later, and ultimately lead you to the finish line.